Complimentary Guitar Lessons: Your Essential Chord Sheet

I have done this introductory lesson for beginners in guitar lessons for years. Now it’s yours, free of charge! Don’t waste time learning hundreds of chords you’ll never see in our favorite songs. Skip those giant chord encyclopedias: I’ve done all the detective work for you. Learn these and only these. Follow my techniques in the video and use the chord sheet included here. Get all these chords sounding nice and clean with all the tones ringing and with no buzzing. Then I’ll show you guitar lessons that unleash the power of these chords and show you just how much you can do with them!

Beginner Guitar Lessons – Your Essential Chord Sheet:

Here is the accompanying chord sheet for the video above

If you need more detail, please view the individual guitar lessons chord videos here that show close ups and call out the string numbers.

Guitar Lessons Atlanta: Top 25 Chords for Beginners