Jimmy Cypher on the Billboard Charts

Jimmy Cypher has played on the following billboard charting singles with EDM recording artist Sir Ivan, produced by platinum remix artist Ford:


Hare Krishna (Ford Mix) –  (guitar synth, coral sitar)

Billboard chart position: #10


Hare Krishna (Tony Moran mix) – (guitar synth, coral sitar)

Billboard Chart position: #13


Live for Todayelectric guitar

U.K. Chart position:#40



GUITAR LESSONS NEWS: Muse Score First US No. 1

Muse Score First US No. 1

Muse’s seventh album “Drones” has given the band their first-ever US number 1 placing.

As Classic Rock reports, the follow-up to 2012’s “The 2nd Law” has topped the Billboard 200 after its reMuse Score First US No. 1

Muse’s seventh album “Drones” has given the band their first-ever US number 1 placing.

As Classic Rock reports, the follow-up to 2012’s “The 2nd Law” has topped the Billboard 200 after its release on June 8. It’s also hit the heights of charts in the UK, France, Japan, Australia and many European countries.

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Frontman Matt Bellamy described “Drones” as “a modern metaphor for what it is to lose empathy,” adding: “Through modern technology, and drone warfare in particular, it’s possible to do horrific things at a great distance – without actually feeling any of the consequences, or even feeling responsible.”

Last month he admitted to doubts over working with producer Mutt Lange before recording began. He said: “I didn’t want us to be turned into a kind of top 40 act. He wasn’t like that at all – he was totally into the concept.”



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Swedish Band Release Album Via App That Will Only Play if Listener Is in a Forest

Swedish folk band John Moose have taken immersion to a new level with their debut album – the record will only play if the listener is deep in a forest.
As Rolling Stone reports, the band’s self-titled album was pre-released via an app designed by drummer Tobias Nor that uses GPS to determine where the listener is:

“The app uses Google Maps where forests have a specific green color. GPS coordinates are sent from the smartphone to a web service which scans the map through Google Maps Static API and uses a specific algorithm to determine if the user is in the woods ‘enough.'”
https://www.guitarlessons-atlanta.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/john-moose-guitar-300x200.jpg The choice of location reflects the themes of the album, which is a story of a man who leaves society to make a life for himself in the forest, with disastrous consequences:

“Throughout his journey something grows, an anxiety stronger than he has ever known before,” the band explains. “He becomes obsessed and senseless. He violates nature and believes he owns everything that crosses his path. He gives up and is nurtured by the earth he has tortured. It seals his body and shatters his dream.”


According to the band, the decision to release the album via the app was inspired by wanting people to “think about nature – what it is and how we should relate to it. So the best way, we thought, is to force people into the woods.”

The album is available for iOS and Android.


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