Special thanks to ace guitarist/student Patrick V. for sharing this wonderful interview with our mutual favorite guitarist! We’ve all heard the Van Halen hit songs but Eddie’s true genius often shines brightest on his more obscure cuts: in particular on the “Fair Warning” and “Diver Down” albums. While many have since surpassed him with “hold up a scorecard” one dimensional technical prowess and Pete Townsend, Brian May and Jimmy Page are master arrangers, no other guitarist has that special combination of being sonically and technically innovative, writing a large catalog of hit songs and playing with a fire, feel and technical approach (two hand tapping) that has never been replicated and literally forced music transcribers to invent a new notation system (guitar tab)!

Here is the Smithsonian Interview

The more you listen to Eddie Van Halen, the more you discover and his playing smolders, burns, subsides and breathes… and then breathes fire once again. You believe every single note the guy’s playing, none of it is forced, contrived or merely for show. This is really Eddie: a guy who would have played exactly the same, even if it never got him any attention or scored him a single girl. His depth, touch and intimacy with the guitar are rivaled only by Jeff Beck and only Jimi Hendrix rivals Eddie overall. Kudos to the Smithsonian for honoring Mr. Van halen who will stand alongside Mozart in the history books of tomorrow. Below is a little known track that Van Halen fans have long adored. Enjoy!

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