If you are located in Atlanta and considering the purchase of an instrument for guitar lessons, please note that quality control varies considerably among units of each brand. Even the top automobile brands occasionally produce lemon guitars are no different and these are obviously the guitars you’ll want to avoid. Some brands are much better than others, & some years of production are better than others. you’ll want to look out for flaws in the neck, pickup brands in electrics and even acoustics, quality of string tuners, woods used, playability and so on.

Jimmy has established relationships with staff at numerous Atlanta stores and will make sure they pull the best of their inventory for you to try out. If shopping on Ebay, Jimmy can do price comparisons through established contacts. He will further tell you many things off the record about various guitar manufacturers that virtually no dealer or guitar tech will probably ever say for reasons of liability or lost revenue. For the price of a single guitar lesson ($75), Jimmy will personally meet you at the Atlanta guitar store of your choice and help you select the very best guitars in the Atlanta store’s inventory with respect to precision, playability, and overall quality.

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