TOP 10 GUITAR LESSONS MYTH #4 | Practice Makes Perfect — FALSE!

We’ve all heard the statement “practice makes perfect” and it sounds really clever and really accurate and seems to make logical sense so we take it for granted that it is so.   But there’s actually a fundamental flaw in going around telling everyone this.  And that is: you can practice from sun up till sun down every day and if you don’t have crucial correct information about the techniques and approaches that the artist is using, it’s not going to help you one bit!  I spent a lot of time in guitar lessons stressing this laying the groundwork and the right foundation for students.  You have to have that concrete foundation built before you start to build a mansion on top of it – Mud is not going to cut it!!!  You can be Frank Lloyd Wright building the most magnificent building but if the foundation is not going to hold up, you are wasting your time.  I go through examples on the video with John Mellencamp and Randy Rhodes and of course there are countless others.  You need to know how chords are fingered and scales are fingered and the approach that is going into this because you can have something that works great in another song that is totally non-applicable to either playing the song up to tempo or getting the sound the artist does.  I really cannot stress this enough: get the correct guitar information and the right approach before you spend lots of time trying to perfect something.

Imagine if you are a brain surgeon and have to do very delicate surgery but the only thing available to you is a big gilette razor: it’s not gonna matter how much you practice or try to successfully hone the skill of doing the task that’s necessary.  The fact of the matter is that you have chosen the wrong tool for the job.  Now that razor might be great if you need a close shave for the day, the analogy being a completely different song.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to translate to the new song you’ve chosen, so do your homework, get a qualified guitar instructor who knows the material you’re trying to do to walk you through it. Time and money spent up from getting the right information with the right preparation before practicing all day long in your room will repay itself many times over and get you where you want to go much quicker.

Play it your way.

The Cypher Way

Rock on — Jimmy Cypher

Guitar coach Jimmy Cypher explains the common mistakes and myths that prevent students from reaching their true potential.  Watching your favorite players perform, viewing instructional content (books, videos, classes etc.) is not enough!  As many students have discovered, you can have all the correct information and all the best players… yet the skill set to play modern popular guitar at the elite level STILL remains elusive.  Why? It is only when these underlying “paradigms” and social conditioning are changed that aspiring guitar players can become the best… at being themselves!