Jimmy’s goal is to offer the best guitar lessons in Atlanta and he is the only teacher in metro Atlanta who offers a guitar lessons money back guarantee. He strives to help you with your musical goals on your timeline and your schedule. Unlike many studios Guitar Lessons Atlanta never charges arbitrary  sign up fees nor are there requirements that you enroll for the entire semester before you even meet Jimmy personally. However, he is heavily booked for guitar lessons slots and often has a wait list for certain days, especially weekends.

Unlike many music stores and schools, Guitar Lessons Atlanta offers extended and late hours. For this reason, Jimmy is one of the best in Atlanta at accommodating the needs of busy business travelers with erratic schedules. Every effort is made to accommodate a client’s hectic schedule however, please note that

Guitar Lessons Atlanta requires 24-hour notice to cancel a guitar lesson if a makeup credit is desired.

Makeups will be offered based on availability.

Cancellations with less than 24-hour notice or a no show will be charged the normal guitar lesson rate.