Guitarist Proves That Djent, Jazz, and Funk Can Be Combined With Brilliant Results

Spanish guitarist Mike Le Rossetti is a highly skilled axe-wielder who demonstrated that seemingly completely different music genres can be combined with killer results.

Specifically, Mike took djent, jazz and funk, and mixed ’em up in an appropriately-titled ditty “Djent Jazz Funk.”

“I really enjoy playing these three music styles, so why not mix them?” he rightfully asks.

The song sees Mr. Le Rosetti jamming on his 8-string guitar, utilizing a variety of playing techniques such as slap, tapping, bass guitar-like finger picking, a pinch of shredding and more.

To give credit where credit is due, we’d like to thank UG user¬†LightxGrenade for pointing this video out in one of the recent news updates. You can check out the clip below.